Trashing the Dress – Yay or Nay?

“Trashing” the wedding dress seems to be a growing trend. Amid thoughts of “I’ll only wear it once”, and “It will make GREAT pictures”, many brides are searching for more and more unusual ways to destroy their wedding dresses. Jumping into a river, a lake, the ocean, running through sprinklers, paintball shootouts, setting it on fire (!!!!) – these are all examples of pictures I’ve seen. But I have to say I’m pretty old fashioned when it comes to saving a wedding dress. 34 years ago, I preserved my dress, in the romantic hope that maybe one day my daughter would want to wear it (of course, she doesn’t like it at all, but there’s still hope for my granddaughter – LOL). You may spend hours and hours searching for that perfect dress – going through magazines, watching every episode of “Say Yes To The Dress”, pinning your heart out on Pinterest. And then there’s all the dresses you actually try on, before you find just the right one. I personally can’t see destroying that beautiful dress, but that’s just me. You may feel differently. Whatever you do, give it a lot of thought first. You can’t go back and “untrash” the dress! And on yeah – my daughter’s not wearing my dress, but she is using lace from it to wrap around her bouquet, and you know what? That makes saving it all worthwhile 🙂

Happy Wedding Planning!

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