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What will my Officiant be wearing?

Fran Calhoon, Wedding Officiant
Have you given any thought to what your Officiant will be wearing? Since she/he will be in several of your photos, you might want to think about it! Are you having a religious ceremony? Then you’ll probably want your Officiant to wear a clerical robe (I personally give my couples a choice of black, pink, or light blue!) If it’s more of a secular service, then a nice dress or suit may be more appropriate. And on the beach? Something less formal, perhaps. This is one other thing you should discuss with your Officiant prior to your ceremony. It’s one of my questions to a couple when we meet – what would you like me to wear? I definitely want to present the appearance they were hoping for, and I also want to make sure I don’t clash with the wedding party! I know that a lot of couples spend a great deal of time picturing how the bridal party will look at the altar – colors, height, etc. Remember that your Officiant will be right in the middle, and he/she should blend well with everyone else 🙂 Happy Wedding Planning!

Is Mom Feeling Left Out Of The Ceremony?

red rose
Every Mother dreams of watching her daughter walk down the aisle on her wedding day. It’s full of emotion – that’s her baby girl, will she be happy, oh my goodness, she looks so beautiful! All these thoughts and more are running through her mind. The Mother of the Groom has similar feelings. And yet, sometimes Mom might feel a little left out. Though some brides are having both their Mom and Dad walk them down the aisle, most are still escorted by just Dad. If you’d like to give Mom a little attention, here’s a suggestion, and it’s almost guaranteed to make her tear up. I call this “Roses To Moms” when I discuss it with my couples. Simply put, it’s a presentation of roses (eternal symbols of love) to the Moms during the ceremony, accompanied by words about how the marriage not only brings two people together, but two families as well, and the couple wish to express their gratitude to their families by presenting each Mom with a rose. Short, simple, and heartfelt. Consider if it you’d like to honor the families without a complete Family Unity Ceremony. Happy Wedding Planning!